Treatment of Psoriasis if the condition gets worse


If psoriasis is severe (skin lesions – skin plates hyperkeratosis covers more than 20% of the body surface), the Dermatology Doctor will recommend the establishment of systemic drug treatment.

This include oral administration of retinoids, methotrexate (immunosuppressive drug) or Cyclosporin (immunosuppressive drug) in combination with the topical treatment (ointments, lotions, creams or exposure to ultraviolet light).

There is a certain reserve in systemic drug therapy used among children diagnosed with psoriasis, because there isn't sufficient scientific arguments sustaining that this type of treatment has significant benefits for this age.

Children get a reduced tolerance to immunosuppressive medication administration and side effects are common and have a relatively high gravity.

In some cases, occasionally, drug substances can be administered by subcutaneous injection or by use of transdermal patches (they gradually release the active drug that is absorbed from the skin).

The treatment for psoriasis can last throughout life; therefore psychological counseling helps sometimes to ameliorate symptoms and provides the necessary psychological support.

It is possible that patients diagnosed with psoriasis try several types of treatment until they find the most efficient treatment to cure the disease; that's why it is important that each patient sees regularly a specialist to find the most efficient treatment.

A recent study showed that appropriate education, reduction of stress and muscle relaxation techniques can bring a benefit among people with psoriasis.

The combination of these therapeutic elements with the initial plan of treatment can achieve a significant reduction in discomfort, anxiety and stress associated with the evolution and treatment of the disease.

The treatment for psoriasis has in some cases side effects. People with severe or complicated psoriasis may require prolonged treatment, sometimes for life.

Therefore, regular medical checks are recommended to combat these undesirable effects and possibly change the treatment with a more well-tolerated treatment.

What is Psoriasis?

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