Treatment for initial Psoriasis


The treatment of mild forms of psoriasis (skin plates in isolated body regions, without complications), begins with the use of specially formulated creams to maintain a soft and moisturized skin.

Most products used to treat mild psoriasis can be purchased without a prescription and are administered with no special problems:

- UVB narrow band phototherapy (311nm ) with ultraviolete lamps

- creams, lotions, ointments, used for proper hydration of the skin
- shampoos, oils, sprays, used to treat psoriatic skin plates on the scalp
- ointments to treat psoriatic lesions of the nails

The prophylaxis aggravating factors of psoriasis is very important. Some if these factors are:

- avoidance of stress
- avoidance as much as possible of the injuries of the skin, especially of burns (including sunburn)
- avoidance and appropriate treatment of infections (throat infections, tonsil infections or infections of the lower respiratory tract, streptococcal pneumonia can cause gouty psoriasis)
- reduction of alcohol consumption
- rational use of medicinal substances (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, beta-blocking agents or lithium salts, that can worsen psoriasis symptoms).

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis treatment