Treatment for Psoriasis

General information

It is known that there is currently no 100% cure (something that cures the disease) for psoriasis.  On the other hand, there are several types of treatment that can relieve symptoms, such as special ointments, phototherapy or oral medication.

Most cases of psoriasis are mild and only require as treatment the use of certain ointments (local treatment). Severe forms are difficult to treat and often require administration of oral medication.

Psoriasis, regardless of its type, is a relapsing disease (reappears at certain intervals of time).

The goal of treatment is to reduce the sharp increase in skin tissue (of skin plates) and of its secondary inflammation. The treatment for psoriasis is done depending on the type and disease severity (depending on the location of skin lesions, their expansion, complications, associated diseases).

Besides the physical component (skin, joints damage), we also must take into consideration the psychiatric component (frustration or depression due to the unpleasant appearance); thus, psychiatric treatment may be needed in some cases (psychotherapy, antidepressant medication).

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis treatment