Prophylaxis of Psoriasis


 There is no method to prevent psoriasis. However, there are certain factors which can alleviate symptoms and reduce complications. Some of these factors are:

- Maintaining a proper skin hydration (by using lotions, creams or gels with high dermal absorption)

- avoidance of cold and wet climate. Cold weather may get worse the symptoms, while hot, humid and sunny weather can improve symptoms. However, we have to mention that some types of psoriasis may be aggravated by hot and humid climate

- avoidance as much as possible of injuries of the skin, avoidance of scraping (scratching) and of early separation of post-traumatic crusts. Any skin lesion can cause hyperkeratotic plates at injury or away from it. Among the most common injuries, we can mention modifications of nails and areas around nails due to inappropriate manicure (repeated trauma to the nail bed – of the nail root)

- avoidance of stress and reduction of anxiety, because these factors can exacerbate psychiatric symptoms and can lead to the occurrence of new skin plates. We mention that this fact has not been proved by specialized medical studies

- prevention of infection, especially of throat infections and tonsil infections with streptococcus, that can lead to gouty psoriasis. This type of psoriasis can be usually found among children.

- precautious use of some drugs. Some medicinal substances are contraindicated to patients suffering from psoriasis (beta-blocking agents, lithium salts and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can aggravate the symptoms of the disease). People with psoriasis must mention the presence of the disease whenever a drug treatment is to be taken

- reduction or giving up alcohol because an exaggerated consumption of ethanol can worsen the symptoms of the disease, especially for middle-aged men.

What is Psoriasis?

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