Outpatient treatment for Psoriasis


 The outpatient treatment ameliorates the symptoms of psoriasis. This consists in the regular usage of ointments, lotions, bathing oils, shampoos or special oils. UVB therapy (B-type ultraviolet) is also indicated by using special lamps, which can be also used at home.

Appropriate skin care includes the following:

- adequate skin protection maintaining an appropriate hydration by applying creams and lotions with a high content of water

- careful removal of skin plates avoiding skin lesions. Adequate hydration is recommended for the skin plates before removing the psoriatic crusts at this level. A special care is needed when discoloring skin crusts, in order to avoid erosions, accentuation of inflammation and edema at this level.

- careful reading of the instructions regarding the usage of cosmetics or of the drug treatment for psoriasis or other related diseases. Usually, it is necessary to use several topical products to find the most appropriate products for each separate case.

For persons with uncomplicated, light psoriasis, the administration of certain products without medical prescription, such as aloe lotions can be useful.

- regular and rational treatment by exposing to ultraviolet (UVA or UVB)
- specialized medical consultations, regularly or whenever there are modifications in the evolution of the disease.

Other useful recommendations in the treatment of psoriasis include:

- appropriate skin protection treating all possible infections which might occur (especially for skin plates), avoidance of injuries or irritations of any type at this level

- appropriate scalp care by regular usage of special shampoos. We should not forget that patients with psoriasis must treat their scalp to stop hair loss, not just hair

- appropriate care of nails especially of fingernails, avoiding aggressive manicure techniques which can favour the appearance or aggravation of psoriasis characteristic lesions

- avoidance of excessive exposure to sun. Although short and rational exposures to sun (a few minute from 7 to 10 in the morning or from 5 to 7 in the afternoon), ameliorate the symptoms of the disease, excessive exposure can cause irreversible lesions to the skin. Sunburns aggravate the evolution of psoriasis.

- avoidance of using certain drugs, which can aggravate the symptoms of psoriasis (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, lithium salts or beta-blocking agents).

There is no medical research that proves the benefits of some nutritional (dietary) factors in the prevention or aggravation of psoriasis.

However, a balanced diet, with a reduced content of lipid (fats) and maintaining a normal ponderability (normal weight) can lead to certain benefits in the evolution of the disease.

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